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#566 Mt Rainier (Rufous Hummingbird at Paradise) (14 x 18)
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#566 Mt Rainier (Rufous Hummingbird at Paradise) (14 x 18)


#566 Mt Rainier (Rufous Hummingbird at Paradise) (14 x 18)
14 x 18 signed poster, foamcore-backed and bagged. Printed (Dec 4, 2020) on the same heavy paper as our prints and hand-signed by the artist. This is a painting that I worked on, I won’t say I tortured, for about 5 years until I finally became happy with it.  The setting is a slightly idealized place above Paradise where we were hiking one day. On that day we saw two Rufous Hummers, but they only whizzed by. We also saw clumps of Mimulus flowers (Lewis’s Monkeyflowers) by a small stream. There was also Indian Paintbrush, Lupine, Aster, Pedicularis, Bistort and Sitka Valerian–as anyone who has been to the high country around Rainier at the peak of the wildflower season knows, it can test credulity.


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