Our address:

Ed Newbold
#1 Economy Arcade, 93 Pike Street, Seattle, Washington 98101

Pike Place Market Website:

Pike Place Market

Call the store:

(206) 652 5215

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Welcome to Ed Newbold Wildlife Artist! Ed Newbold is a Seattle artist with a store at the entrance of the Pike Place Market. To find the store go to the SW corner of 1st & Pike St. and enter the Economy Arcade. We are on the right. We sell prints, posters and notecards of paintings I do with acrylic paint, plus my book and originals, all of which are also available on this website.


















Here is the store in a photo from January of 2023.


We consider larger prints to be any over 12 x 16″, but some of our prints are at large end of what can be printed on a Heidleberg speedmaster. “Whales Starboard” at right is our biggest at 24 x 36.”


Here is the link to the Larger Prints pages

Shop: Posters

Posters have text incorporated into the design. They are in no way inferior to prints in terms of the paper they are printed on and like the prints they all come hand-signed.



Here is the link to the Poster pages.

Mini Posters

These are small posters all with an 8 x 10″ outer trim size that fits a 9 x 12″ mat.

Here is the link to the Mini-poster pages


Most of these prints are 9 x 12 prints with a 6.7 x 9.625 image size but we have also included a few prints that are similar in size with differing dimensions. The print pictured at right is titled “Red-tail in Full Soar” and it is a typical 9 x 12 print.


Here is the link to go to Prints that fit 11 x 14 mats

Shop: Prints that fit 9 x 12 mats

Most of these prints are 8 x 10  prints and they all fit into a 9 x 12 mat.  Miniposters are included in this

Here is the link to go to Prints that fit 9 x 12 mats.

Shop: Skinnies and medleys

These are narrow and wide prints. Narrow prints can work in spaces nothing else will and wide/narrow horizontal prints, or medleys, can succeed better than rectangular prints when a small image area stands alone on a large wall. 

Here is the link to the Skinnies and Medleys page

Prints in 8 x 10 Mats

These are prints mostly 5 x 7 that we sell already matted in an 8 x 10 mat.




Here is the link to the 8 x 10 mats pages

Shop: Notecards

Shop: These are standard-size A-6 Notecards,  4+” x 6+”, blank inside, and come with envelopes.

Here is the link to the Notecard Pages

Shop: Book and Originals

This website and the physical store are the only places a person can get the book on and by Ed Newbold: “Is it still art if there is no dead cow in formaldehyde? The art, life and thoughts of Ed Newbold.” Plus occasionally after decades of repainting and reworking, originals reach a stage where they are put into the “finished” category  and must be put up for sale. The painting of the Pine Marten at right was begun in 1981 and finished in 2023, when a long-time collector decided 44 years should be a long enough time to work on a painting.

Here is the link to the Book and originals pages

What's new on the Easel at Ed's Studio?

See Ed’s blogs and movies about the new and old paintings he is currentlyl working on.


Here is the link to the Easel Blog Pages

a print of a painting of West Point Lighthouse in Seattle in Discovery Park by Wildlife Artist Ed Newbold


These are Ed’s News Blogs.



Here is the link to the News Pages

Ed's Sightings from the backyard and Trips

These pages contain photographs Ed takes at home where if we are lucky birds visit our 12 ft. recirculating creek, “Butyl Creek.” Also blogs from trips around the state and occasionally to New Mexico and Arizona.

Here is the link to Ed’s Sightings blogs


The idea here is these are meant to be less about timely news events and instead more of a general nature.


here is the link to the Essays page

Bio and Contact

Contact Ed at ednewbold1@yahoo.com


Here is the link to the Bio and Contact page

Thanks for visiting the Site! Now I have to get back in the water and finish that painting!

OK,  I’m busted, I paint in the basement, never in the big outdoors and although I work freehand I extensively rely on photos–often many photos–for reference.  In the ‘photo’ at right I was treading water in Lake Washington and pretending to paint. The Orca, which was from a photo by Brian Raven from the 90s, was photoshopped into the painting later. Swim and hike safely outdoors, never mountain or rock-climb Folks, don’t jet-ski and thanks for visiting Ed Newbold.com!