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Ed Newbold
#1 Economy Arcade, 93 Pike Street, Seattle, Washington 98101

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Pike Place Market

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(206) 652 5215

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E d Newbold is a wildlife artist who has been in business since 1983.  Ed works in acrylics (plus some gouache) and has painted over a thousand paintings and issued hundreds of prints, posters and notecards, many of which are available here.

The shipping rates is simple–$7.00 per order regardless of quantity ordered.  Orders are usually  turned around in a day or so and then shipped Priority Mail which arrives in two or three days.  Occasionally, there is a longer delay reducible to Ed’s whereabouts.

Contact Ed at ednewbold1@yahoo.com

Lots of artists will show you the painting after it’s finished, but at What’s on the Easel, Ed shows the painting from start to finish and in between, as it progresses. The creation process isn’t always pretty, Ed argues with himself, and anyone is welcome to chip in with advice or solutions that might solve a problem!.

As a wildlife artist, Ed tries to get out in the field as much as he can and take lots of pictures, some of which end up as painting ideas. At Ed’s Sightings you can see recent shots from in the field. Sometimes this page ends up being a running account of what’s going on in Ed and Delia’s backyard, where mowers and rakes are banned, and where there is a 10-foot long recirculating creek that Delia has named “Butyl Creek.”  Other shots are from trips, be they day trips or sojourns further afield.

Go to Viewpoints if you are interested in thoughts and opinions on various subjects. Many of the viewpoints are about conservation. One discusses ways of helping swallows survive in urban areas, another is a tribute to the work of the late Kevin Li in helping re-establish Seattle’s Purple Martins, and others focus on shade coffee and eco-touring. This is also the home of the YardBirdRace, a Western Washington birding competition in which the excitement builds all year long! I’d like to thank Cartwheel Creative of Seattle, WA for designing this site. Thanks so much for visiting us, we certainly hope you enjoy your visit!