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A new batch of paintings: See the movie!
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A new batch of paintings: See the movie!

A new batch of paintings: See the movie!

posted from Seattle, WA on January 5, 2023

This is a movie about the paintings I’m working on now in the winter of 2023. I’ll post still shots of all the paintings on this blog plus some others.


Here is the Movie:

Studio Rundown! – YouTube

This is Coot, a painting that was recently sold to my longest-term collector Jens Klinner who bought Killdeer and Peep in 1986 and others since. We’re all getting older, Jens says he’s not taking his Harley across the country anymore. Delia has always particularly liked this painting and I’m planning some prints from it soon.

Parasols Work in Progress. That pickup is planning to look like a Rivian.

Red-tail in full soar. This painting will be at the store in a week or so as an 18 x 24 and it will be above the light bar in the store.

For lack of an idea so far I’m calling this painting Route 2 because I’m using photo ref I took years ago on Route 2 heading out of Monroe.

With the lowland snow we recently got, I couldn’t resist having it snow on my new painting but I didn’t want to alter the actual painting so I did it on the computer and I’m calling it “Lowland Snow.” This painting has no bird or other wildlfe in it, which I see as a moral failing of the painting but it’s not clear in my mind how I could fix it. I’m thinking of turning it into a vertical and trying a Kestrel in it, but I kind of doubt it will work. A flock of Juncos seemed like a possibility but it didn’t pan out when I tried it.

Cooper’s Hawk resting. Work in Progress.

Strigata! the rarest bird in Washington state that no one has ever heard of. This is the world’s most colorful subspecies of Horned Lark and it is very distinct from the Horned Larks of the Great Plains. A bird of prairie and coastal dune habitat. Special thanks to the late great Patrick Sullivan for one of the photos I’m working from. Special thanks also to Charlotte and Bill Byers for several photos of these birds taken at Grayland. It’s a stunning admission to my way of thinking; but I have never seen one.

“Friends for Now” Two Mule Deer bucks hanging out together. These are not our Mule Deer. I’m working from photos I took in the Peloncillo Mountains of New Mexico and those animals look quite different from our Mule Deer.

This is a male Harlequin Duck based on a photo I took of one out in Neah Bay in November. I’m liking it but have a certain amount of fear about how I will be able to steer this to the finish line.

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