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All excited about finishing a 14 year-old project
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All excited about finishing a 14 year-old project

All excited about finishing a 14 year-old project

Posted October 6, 2018 from Seattle, WA

Back in 2004 I got all jazzed up about a poster project that would show the wildlife that you might look for while on a Washington State Ferry (and, by implication, any boat) on the Salish Sea.

I did the painting on a small substrate, maybe 20 x 30 and had it shot by a professional photographer.  The resulting image was quite unattractive and my test run failed to sell at all. I’ll get a picture of that up here–all this was before I had any prepress ability to alter an image after the copy shot.

picture of 2004 version soon


In the last month I’ve put a lot of work into the file on the computer.  The most important step was the easiest, I pulled up the RGB curve so it wouldn’t look so dark and dismal. Here it is now, I plan to do quite a bit more cleanup and detail work.



I am still working on “A Thornton Burgess Moment” also:  Here’s what that looks like now:

That’s a Gray Jay with an inscrutable demeanor and a Wolverine in what is now a parking lot: Sunrise Point, just short of the end of the road to Sunrise Lodge on Mt. Rainier.


I decided my new Orcas in the Salish Sea needed a small gull to unify the elements and break with all the objects that form perpendicular walls to the viewer’s movement through the painting. I’m not sure this Bonaparte’s Gull is in a dynamic enough pose,  it will help the question is will it help enough:

Picture soon


Paradise is another painting that I’m continuing to work on. Here’s what it looks like now (December 15, 2018)

Sorry I’ve been unable to open the comment section. Readers of this blog are more than welcome to email me at ednewbold1@yahoo.com

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