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Bats are on the Fast Track
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Bats are on the Fast Track

Bats are on the Fast Track

I have about 6 more Bat paintings to start and then I have to finish all the Bats. Then add numbers and text and produce the poster. The whole project is on a fast track. This is a revolutionary way to present Bats, with 5 changes from the approach of Bat posterists in the past. First, the lights are on, no Night in this poster and no black background. This is good because unlike Bats, we humans are afraid of the dark. Second, no upside-down Bats. They probably spend most of their life upside down, but not here. Humans don’t understand upside-down. Third, no open mouths. Bats can trigger a fear reaction in humans when they show their remarkable little teeth. But I’m trying to be an ad agency for Bats. I want people to love them, so all the Bats have been asked to close their mouths just for this poster. Fourth is, everybody is flying. This is dynamic and it makes people feel good. 5th is, all 3/4 angle, no head-on portraits and no side views. This will be the greatest Bat poster ever.

Meanwhile, Specialty Birds of South Texas is going really well also and I’m trying to find time for that also. I’m hoping to have it published by March at the latest.

And a painting I’ve moved to the computer is going well. It’s a crop of Eagle Pair at Flattery which I’ve been working on for 14 years, since 2007. I’m not happy about how much time I have put into this painting, I’m sure it’s the most of any painting but I broke a lot of rules (read my book) in the early stages of the painting and a lot of the work I’ve done is various desperate attempts to make a problematic painting work. Now I’ve reduced my scope and made it a painting of one Eagle only (the problem of even-numbers of subjects is a whole chapter in my book) and I think I finally have something that really sings. Of Course, with its call, the Eagle should be made an honorary songbird, so as to defend my wording here.

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