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Berta Caceres ad points to Oxfam petition
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Berta Caceres ad points to Oxfam petition

Berta Caceres ad points to Oxfam petition

We tend to think of atrocities against Native Americans as tragic but mostly a thing of the distant past, Seattle Times ad berta caceres ad # 2 but they are happening in real time right now in Latin America, particularly Honduras where the eloquent and tireless Native Lenca-tribal leader Berta Caceres was killed on March 2.  Another Lenca leader was killed the following week.
My second ad asking for awareness of this violence will appear in the Seattle Times, A section Friday April 15, shown here.

It asks for people to sign Oxfam’s petition calling for all financiers to back off from this corrupt project.  Here is the link:


Anyone who is thinking that this is sad, but inevitable since these Native leaders are standing in the way of development and progress should understand that these big internationally-financed projects based on land-theft are not by and large the way the United States of America developed.  A wonderful exposition of this can be found in the book “Tyranny of Experts,” by William Easterly.

It should be noted that the Honduran government, which is a massive abuser of human rights and a promoter of lawlessness, gets lavish aid from the US taxpayer  in the form of military aid.  Our congresspeople are doing too little to try to stop this, and in many cases the worst are the ones who pose as “fiscal conservatives.”


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