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Ed Newbold | Birds of the Chiricahuas
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Birds of the Chiricahuas

Birds of the Chiricahuas

Posted April 13, 2016 from Seattle WA.

All my painting time is birds of the chircahuas 12 x 16 for ws 4 13 16going into “Birds of the Chiricahua Mountains” at the moment.  I have to ask Reed, the owner/operator of Cave Creek Ranch, if he thinks Buff-breasted Flycatcher should be in this, or if I’ve missed any others that should be here.  I’m hoping it will improve when I put young Oak tree behind the Northern Cardinal, plus painting on it for a year or two might help.  I don’t know how I did this, but I made the substrate too small and I have to attach some more board at the top for a flying Zone-tailed Hawk.





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