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Fire UP the Press! Super XL!!!
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Fire UP the Press! Super XL!!!

Fire UP the Press! Super XL!!!

posted from Seattle on June 11, 2021

On June 7, 2021, my new Super oversized larger-than-I’ve-ever-printed-before print Whales Starboard Super XL was printed in SeaTac at Olympus Press..

Olympus has a Heidlleburg and you can’t just press the Print button on those babies. Here are Olympus Press operators Lloyd, left and Lee, right. They’ve been doing great work for Ed Newbold Wildlife for many years

However, I might not have been going to Olympus if it weren’t for Susan, my print rep for the last 25 years. The digital age hasn’t always been kind to printing companies and I’ve followed Susan from one printer to another for about 30 years now, through about 7 different companies before she landed at Olympus, a company she immediately liked and it didn’t hurt that it was surviving. We’ve been there now for most of the 2000s. People quite often compliment the beautiful color in my prints at the store. Those colors start with the painting but it is really the printing process that produces them even more than the painting process. I credit some of my survival in the business to having had for so long a really great printer-rep, great press operators and a great printing company (No, I don’t get a discount for writing this stuff!).

Glenn is the owner at Olympus and always a pleasure to do business with.

The press check is a nail-biting time during which I bounce from the depths of despair to the hieght of optimism, sometimes in the 3 minutes between pulls. The object is for the press operator to make many ever-so-slight corrections in ink levels until the image sings, hopefully looking better than the painting, at which point I’ll sign the proof.

Here is Whales Starboard, super XL,, 24 x 36. It’s at the store now, and selling for the intro price of 45.41. It will soon be available at this website at shop larger prints.

Thanks everyone. Comments are closed, my deepest apologies, but I can be reached at email at ednewbold1@yahoo.com.

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