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New Market Flower Painting: Where are the problems?
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New Market Flower Painting: Where are the problems?

New Market Flower Painting: Where are the problems?

Posted Nov. 11 2011 from Seattle, WA 

Normally I start a painting and immediately start solving problems. But this time I’m not identifying what the problems are, so I’m just in finish-mode.  I wish I had a vase of tall blue flowers, I guess, and maybe that’s a problem.   There is also the possibility that the customer won’t go for the mist that conceals the street activities behind the flowers on the left. In the old one I painted a small car with a hatch open and a detail I wish for : a truck delivering “Shade Coffee.” I keep watching for vehicles and things parked and placed in the street there that might make an interesting addition, but to no avail really. Anyway, this painting is on a fast track to publication. I’m hoping to offset litho 14 x 18 before the end of the year.

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