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Sage Advice from SW trip: Don’t leave Camera in the rental car!
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Sage Advice from SW trip: Don’t leave Camera in the rental car!

Sage Advice from SW trip: Don’t leave Camera in the rental car!

Posted April 13, 2016 from Seattle, WA

It amazes me how many things I need to learn before I can live my life right, but at my age the forgetting curve is beginning to collide with the learning curve. Anyway, I suppose not leaving your camera in the rental car is not really a new idea for most people.
We’ve been back for a while, but my little Powershot camera spent some quality rest-time at the Hertz Lost and Found Dept and touring on a Fedex truck and is just now back with its load of pics.
 rodeo march 2016 Franklin's Gulls
Since nothing is breaking news here, I’ll start with the last one first. We always stop at Cochise Lake in Wilcox, Arizona on the way out.  We found White-faced Ibis, Bonaparte’s Gulls, Avocets, Long-billed Dowitchers, Cinnamon Teal, Eared Grebe and other great birds at this wetland that is very popular with water birds.  Here are two Franklin’s Gulls at Cochise Lake.  Franklins are gorgeous  with the foraging habits of swallows—aerial insect-hunting, and are among my favorite of the Gulls.
 rodeo march 2016 cochise lake
Cochise Lake looking south. For waterbirds, this is the only game in  town.
 rodeo march 2016 javelinas
On the way up to the ranch we crossed paths with some Javelina. In town these critters are panhandlers and too unafraid, but in the outback they hightail it away immediately.
 rodeo march 2016 pronghorn
We also had five female Pronghorn on the road up the canyon, here’s two. Haven’t seen those in a while, glad to see they are doing ok.
 rodeo march 2016 cute coue's
Since I’ve got a Mammal thing going, at the ranch we had the usual gang of handsome Coue’s Whitetailed Deer including this young guy.
 rodeo march 2016 Delia and CD
Typical of early spring, it was windy but we got some deck time. This is Delia and CD Littlefield, the resident Wildlife Biologist.
 rodeo march 2016 Lucifer hummingbird
The Lucifer Hummingbirds were in, but not many other spring arrivals.
rodeo march 2016 painted redstart
We went over to Portal Arizona and the South Fork Cave Creek Canyon and the wonderful grounds of the Cave Creek Ranch and to visit friends down there. Up South Fork we found good densities of these Painted Redstarts, but I was lucky to get a shot because they move around so fast.
 rodeo march 2016 acorn woodpecker turned
This Acorn Woodpecker posed, showing off the blue gloss color of its back.
 rodeo march 2016 yellow-rumped warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler. We also had Lucy’s, Black-throated Gray and Townsend’s Warblers.
 rodeo march 2016 gambel's quail
Check out this pair of Gambel’s Quail.
 rodeo march 2016 duststorm
We had a duststorm in the valley.  Early spring is the toughest season in the Southwest with the wind coming up and the leaves not out yet.  We’re in the San Simon Valley looking toward the Peloncillos here.  But we also had a wonderful rainstorm a couple days later.
 rodeo march 2016 maverick canyon
We hiked to the pass with some friends who came to visit and looked down Maverick Canyon.
 rodeo march 2016 lee woods
We went down Maverick to a place CD calls “Lee’s woods.” Lee was a bootlegger whose corral and homestead were downstream.
 rodeo march 2016 house from beehive
We spent two days fixing barb-wire fence up Beehive Canyon. Here is the view of the house, in the middle far right, from Beehive.
 rodeo march 2016 Vermillion Flycatcher
To continue the trip in reverse order, we found this Vermillion Flycatcher in Airport Wash in Tucson upon arrival there at the very beginning of the trip.

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