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We stand corrected! Would you believe an American Golden-Plover?
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We stand corrected! Would you believe an American Golden-Plover?

We stand corrected! Would you believe an American Golden-Plover?

Posted September 6, 2011 from Seattle WA.
Bird expert Andy Stepniewski has written to say yesterday’s Nisqually Plover was an American Golden-Plover rather than a Pacific Golden-Plover.
Here are the points he kindly made to help us with our Plover ID:

1-the number of primaries extending beyond the tertials is 4+, not 2-3 as in Pacific.
2-your bird, too, has a bright white supercilium.
3-the bill looks thicker and longer than typical for Pacific.
4-it’s hard to assess objectively but the bird looks shorter-legged than the spindly-legged appearance typical of Pacifics.

In addition to this, on closer look we realized that the tertial feathers end well short of the tail.  Until further notice we’re changing our tune and calling this bird an American Golden Plover, which is a great thrill for us.


  I’ve lightened the shots from yesterday to make them look even worse than before but better to examine the primaries and tertials.

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