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#434 Eagle Pair at Flattery (12 x 16) (Bald Eagles)
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#434 Eagle Pair at Flattery (12 x 16) (Bald Eagles)


#434 Eagle Pair at Flattery (12 x 16)


  • Hand-signed by the artist,
  • 10 x 14″ image area 12 x 16″ trim
  • (unmatted, but mats to 14 x 18)
  • foam-core backed and bagged.

Cape Flattery is the extreme Northwestern tip of the continental US. Birds that are on the move from all over the world come to Neah Bay and Cape Flattery in migration season–we’ve seen several Tropical Kingbirds there that were “wrong way fliers” from the tropics, likely Mexico. They fly up the Pacific Coast and at Flattery, they suddenly run out of coastline.  Birds like the Kingbirds probably are hardwired to disperse the wrong way–to help the species as a whole make sure it isn’t missing out on good territory somewhere.  The Bald Eagles, though, are residents and here survey their realm.

This is unquestionably the painting that in my entire 40+ year career I have spent the most time on.  Partly, I can’t explain that. All the reworking hasn’t changed it all that much, but I am trying to really get it right. But some, including many Art teachers, would caution against the endless reworking that I do. But partly it’s because the print has been slow out of the gate and I think it should be up there with my sales leaders. I think this painting says something I want to say in life and about life. The other day I received a letter from Mark Riethmuller who resides not far from where I grew up. At the risk of seeming egotistical, because this is a kind message, I’d like to quote his letter:

“It may not be what your aiming for, but in it you’ve captured the essence of why people treasure National Parks- why our society sets aside certain areas and lets them remain wild.   You convey that intangible feeling one gets in seeing the natural world, particularly from a high vantage point — it’s observable and we are attracted to it, but it’s somehow unattainable –forbidding: the eagles perched and ready to fly beyond the reach of humans;  clouds which suggest the onset of cool if not cold weather; deep water and evidence of tides – a place where someone in a small water craft should be very careful.  I’ve never been to Flattery Point, but through your painting, I go there often.”
Thank you Mark, I’d like to think the painting lives up to your praise. Best wishes!


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