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#503 Bring on the Night XL (12 x 36″)
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#503 Bring on the Night XL (12 x 36″)


#503 Bring on the Night XL (12 x 36″)


shipped flat on 3/16″ foamboard, (but not attached to foamboard) and bagged

Printed on the big Heidleberg at Olympus Press in Seatac, WA on Dec. 4, 2020.

This print is jumping to the front of the queue!

Have you ever taken a ferry back to Seattle on a winter’s evening, then ventured out onto the outside windy forward deck as the lights of Seattle hove into view? Here is my version of the view that catches every Seattleite or Seattle-lover by the heart. What an alluring, warm and inviting place we are returning to!

Of course arriving at Colman Dock breaks the reverie: it’s just same old Seattle, as gritty– beautiful but harsh, as always, and there’s strangely nobody out playing ukuleles, as I had briefly imagined. People and cars are speeding along so they can be someplace else. But I know the next time I’m back on a ferry of a winter’s evening, the magic will strike again.

(The danger of glass and lights to migratory birds could temper anyone’s enthusiasm. American Bird Conservancy and the Audubon Society are studying the problem and are working on various inititives and projects to alleviate the terrible toll taken on migrating birds not just by lights but by windows as well. Often relatively minor changes can result in big decreases in mortality–Nobody is asking people to turn out all the lights, but there are particularly dangerous situations where reducing light at the peak of migration (generally May and September) is advised if we are to save the Creation.)

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