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#539 West Point Lighthouse Poster (with Tree Swallow) (12 x 16)
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#539 West Point Lighthouse Poster (with Tree Swallow) (12 x 16)


#539 West Point Lighthouse Poster (with Tree Swallow) (12 x 16)

This is my painting of the West Point Lighthouse from the north. I intermediate-finished the painting with no critter and then found a photo I took once of a Tree Swallow in flight and worked from that to have a Tree Swallow flying in front of the viewer.  The Tree Swallows there are an emotional issue two ways. One is that my late great friend Kevin Li put up Purple Martin gourds there that were never used by the Martins but were used by a family of Tree Swallows. I never stop mourning Kevin Li’s untimely death (diving–Please do not do danger sports) and I am also pre-mourning for when there are no more Tree Swallows at West Point, I believe they have aleady failed now at that site, although I’m not sure and Delia thinks I’m always way too pessimistic and that’s not good for the Tree Swallows, for me, my cause, or anyone.  In any case, this is a new painting that I think is one of my all-time top-ten paintings. I am head over heels in love with it at the moment, as I also am Flattery and Warblers of the West, the coming 9 x 12 version.

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