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NC Series 1 #2 Working the Docks
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NC Series 1 #2 Working the Docks

NC Series 1 #2 Working the Docks

  • One in sleeve, or box of eight.
  • Notecards are blank inside,
  • a note about the scene on the back, with envelopes.
  • Size 4 3/4 x 6 1/2, A-6.
  • (the image has been flipped 180 to make it right side up but this is laid out like a normal notecard)

Working the Docks shows a Great Blue Heron on a docks with canoes and rowboats. It could be nearly anywhere in North America, but the idea came from the Stillaquamish estuary south of Stanwood, WA. The note on the back of the card reads: Working the Docks A wet Great Blue Heron dries off after grabbing a bite to eat. Herons make frequent use of human-made structures in their foraging and sometimes fish the night-shift under artificial lights on the waterfront. These 4 1/2 ft. tall birds do not limit themselves to fishing and can often be seen in the Northwest hunting rodents in open fields. They nest close together in sometimes huge colonies called heronries, presumably for mutual defense.

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