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“Sooner or later, everyone must visit the Market” Original (20 x 28) on canvas
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“Sooner or later, everyone must visit the Market” Original (20 x 28) on canvas


“Sooner or later, everyone must visit the Market” Original (20 x 28) on canvas


This is the acrylic/gouache original the painting that is printed in several sizes, from Notecard to 14 x 18 and available 24/7 at this website and at the Pike Place Market store at 1st and Pike.  By the signature I wrote “2009,” but I’m not sure if that’s when the painting was begun, that may have been an intermediate-finish date. It was also reworked in the late teens somewhat.  It is on canvas stretched on a wood frame 20 x 28 inches.  Three 14 x 18 posters have been made from this original.  The first sold out fairly quickly.  The second I abandoned soon after publication as the color in the print felt unacceptable to me. Very few of these were sold.  The last version, printed in 2018 I think, is currently available.  At the lower left the image of the Seattle Times with pretend headlines is actually an old-fashioned photograph that is ATG-taped to the painting.

This painting is being sold “as is,” i.e., no frame included, and the painting may not appear as bright or with the same level of detail as the prints and cards that have been made from it.  I don’t know if this is just me, but acrylics and gouache, which were used in this painting don’t so much fade as simply “die back.”  It would be impossible for me to paint any painting as “bright” as the average print that I currently sell at the store.

Buyers are free to send the painting back in the first month if they do not like the original or were expecting it to look different. In that case the money will be refunded in full. They are also welcome to have me bring it down to the store for a look, simply email me ahead of time at ednewbold1@yahoo.com






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