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#238 Sharks of the Northwest (14 x 18)
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#238 Sharks of the Northwest (14 x 18)


#238 Sharks of the Northwest (14 x 18)

14 x 18 signed poster, “Sharks of the Northwest,” foamcore-backed and bagged. Printed on the same heavy paper as our prints and hand-signed by the artist. Published on Dec 24, 2014.   The largest shark in the poster is a Basking Shark, close in size but not closely related to the Whale Shark.  One was seen off Edmonds, WA and reported on the bird chat line Tweeters in September of 2014.  The observer noted that with cetaceans, the dorsal fin goes up and then down and disappears.  With a Basking Shark, the fin slices along the water and doesn’t appear to change depth or course, plus it’s very large!  There used to be a boat especially rigged to kill these sharks (but not harvest them) that operated out of Nanaimo I think.

This is #6 in the Biodiversity Poster Series: BPS 6

Salmonids BPS 1
Hummingbirds US BPS 2
Cetaceans BPS 3
Butterflies Puget Sound BPS 4
Warblers of the West BPS 5
Sharks BPS 6
Owls US BPS 7
Rockfish BPS 8
Hummingbirds Costa Rica BPS 9
Athletes of the Sea BPS 10
Cats North America BPS 11
Seabirds NW BPS 12
Birds of Seattle BPS 13
Wildlife from Ferry BPS 14
True Crabs BPS 15
Bats Washington BPS 16 (coming soon)
Swallows Swifts Nighthawks NA BPS 17 (planned for 2022)
Warblers East BPS 18 (planned 2023)

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