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NC Series 3 #5 Sockeye Salmon
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NC Series 3 #5 Sockeye Salmon


NC Series 3 #5 Sockeye Salmon

  • One in sleeve, or box of eight.
  • Notecards are blank inside,
  • a note about the scene on the back, with envelopes.
  • Size 4 3/4 x 6 1/2, A-6.
  • (the image is flipped here so it won’t appear upside down, but this notecard is laid out like a normal notecard)

Sockeye Salmon. The text on back of card reads: Sockeye Salmon (Onchorhynchus nerka) is one of the five species of Northwest salmon. Salmon can be considered “trout that go to sea,” as they spend part of their life-cycle in streams or rivers and part in salt water. (One subspecies of Sockeye, the Kokanee, migrates not to the salt water but to large fresh-water lakes.) Like other salmon, Sockeye undergo major physical changes as they return to rivers to spawn–one change in Sockeye is a complete color “makeover” to bright red & green.

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