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Ed Newbold, the book 2nd edition
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Ed Newbold, the book 2nd edition


Ed Newbold, the book, second edition


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The art, life and thoughts of  Pike Place Wildlife Artist Ed Newbold

Soft-cover, full color

95 pages, with almost all having at least one color picture on them.  This book explores the tension between new and old in art–with thoughts that carry over into all of our endeavors.  Can older ways of doing things ever retain the  respect of society once they have been supplanted? If you read this book, or even just the first chapter of this book, it could change the way you think about art.


Here is the back cover:

 Here is the text of the blurb on the back:

How does a sort-of-realist wildlife artist with a longtime retail outlet in Seattle’s Pike Place Market fit into the art world? In this spirited little book Ed Newbold delves into the history of art and finds a way to divide all artists from 1863-on into one of two groups—(don’t worry, he likes both groups!) He then discusses ways in which artists from the two different groups think differently, and how his ‘membership’ in one of the groups plays out in his approach to painting. Interspersed in the narrative are sketches of Ed’s background, such as a chapter that describes how his two Grandmothers helped set his course in life. Images of many of Ed’s hundreds of paintings can be found throughout, In some chapters at the end Ed presents a case for some slight revisionism of the green agenda along with a heartfelt plea to love and save what some call biodiversity and others call The Creation.

PS/Correction to the movie:

In the movie I mention surprise that few have heard of the French artist Meissonier.  What I forgot to say, by way of explanation, is that Meissonier was the most financially and critically successful artist of all time (and probably will hold this title well into the future) as measured against the culture and economy of his time.  This is a point I make in the book, and is in turn my takeaway from the book Judgement of Paris by Peter Lewis.  In the book I explain that I and others continue in the tradition of Meissonier without, in my case, admiring him much or at all.


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